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A letter of Recommendation

Alright boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, let’s really start to use our brains on this one. So most all of us have done our fair share of complaining, griping, and groaning about our politicians in DC and of course in our respective states (and for a select few about politicians in other states). Now what I’ve noticed most is it is for the most part separated on party lines, or at least that’s what it looks like at first glance. But alas it’s not! Oh no it surpasses the conventional Democrat, Republican face off, its democrat vs. democrat and republican vs. republican. What am I seeing in all this turmoil, room for advancement.

                Now is the perfect time to write your state representatives and send them ideas on how the “situation” inside the United States could be solved. Hey at the same time don’t forget to send the same info to your senators, and congressmen/women. I say do it however; if all you can muster is “cut taxes for the middle class,” (or vice, versa) please for the love of god don’t send it! They know that already that’s why you elected them to office. They’re your representatives they didn’t get their position off of their dashing good looks. If you have an idea and you think it could work send it in. Have your friends do it your mom, dad, that neighbor that you can’t stand just get them to write in.

                Don’t let your action in this government end at the polls. Be active, be aware, and most of all if you don’t like what they’re doing then get out there and speak out. Good-bye, good luck, and get out there with your ideas.


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