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Document 601

NOTE: This is fictitious any similarities between another story or real person(s) is purely coincidental.

The following has been declassified.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Director of information,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Colin Stigman

 These are the last know transcripts of an unknown man found on his body. We have taken the liberty of taking the original WMA files and transferring them to the current text format.

                                                                                                            Office of Security,

                                                                                                Steve Wright


(Ambient explosions w/ gunfire) [Mid-Frequency male voice] It’s been a long day. Kerry and Derek are dead; I’m not sure where the bodies are though somewhere downtown (deep breathing). We’re going to start moving soon, always moving it’s enough to drive a man mad (coughing). God I just hope we can get away from here. I can’t stand this place anymore (Gun shots, indecipherable yelling).



Our cars dead, piece of shit took a slug during a fire fight last night. All my boys are standing they lost quite a few of theirs! (Shouting) We showed those cowards what real grit is! [Low-frequency male voice] Maybe now they’ll cut their shit off and start wearing dresses like they should be (laughter). [Mid-frequency male voice] they probab… (Distant gun fire). Get your gear together we need to start moving they’ve found our position.



We’re making good progress we covered about 14 miles today with limited confrontation. A couple of civ. trucks loaded with troops came across our path. We laid a few AP mines on the road and took care of the cargo with some small arms fire. Moral is high despite our lack of transportation. I’ve been hoping to find some working wheels in the next town. The only problem after that is gas it’s scarce almost all the gas stations are under enemy control, and heavily guarded (sighs).



I haven’t been able to put anything on here for the past few days all I can say is we’ve been through hell and back. Two days no sleep constant fighting, I lost one more person yesterday, James, we got in a fire fight I told him to cover the right (long pause). He went to move into position and got his fucking leg blown off by a land mine (muffled sobs). I watched him bleed out while those bastards took pot shots at him (crying). He was screaming for our help, I watched him die, I should have saved him. I could have saved him (heavy crying). Why didn’t I try to save him why…

Recording 604 was too jumbled between crying and words for our cryptologists to decipher any further.

                                                                         Director of Cryptology,

                                                                          Fredric King



We found a working rig today it’s small but it’ll do. We reinforced the sides and front with some scrap metal (light coughing). After those critical modifications we knocked out the windows and replaced them with scrap metal plates with gun slots. I call it insurance the guys call it impregnable (laughing). I think it’s funny but it keeps them happy.



Today on our way to the rural district we stumbled on a couple of soldiers. A small fire fight ensued resulting in one enemy casualty, and one prisoner. No friendly casualties. Carlos is interrogating our prisoner right now. [Low-frequency, male voice] Carlos says he needs to speak with you ASAP. He’s saying it’s important. [Mid-frequency, male voice] Alright tell Him I’m on my way. 



Apparently our prisoner has a name Jenna. She says she’s a deserter. She’s willing to join our marry band, she has information on how to get out of here. I’m not sure I trust her but we can attempt to strike a deal we’ll see once I convene a council. 



After convincing a council yesterday we decided to allow her to join with us for information. She will be assigned a guard to make sure she is not a spy. All information will be gathered this evening.



So far our capture has been respectable and has given’ us useful information about a way into the mountains the coordinates are F3, latitude 122 degrees, grid 268. We’ll set ourselves on that route and hopefully get out alive. 



We’ve decided to camp out for a couple of days give the men time to lick their wounds and even get some sleep. God rest feels like such a foreign concept here. I don’t think anybody gotten a good nights rest in over three months, we’ve been moving and fighting non-stop. This whole situation is looking up for us. 



Well our break went well but, our scouting parties have yet to run across any food we could use. To make matters worse we’ve been running dangerously low for about a week now we might have enough to last a couple more days. 



We got raided by scavengers last night they got through without the watch even noticing. Now we have no food, we still have clean water though a nice comfort and rarity but we’ll have to ration it out amongst the men till we can re-supply. 



Still no food two days now I’m hungry the men are hungry. Our prisoner is getting ancy, that’s all that’s been happening. 



Today was a God send we saw some loose cattle grazing in a field. It’s about time something good happened we had a feast. We were able to kill two we do have to camp here for a bit to make jerky out of the meat so we can transport it. Hopefully it’ll be enough to last till we get to F3. I can only hope. 



This is turning into the road from hell. The radiator on the truck is leaking coolant everywhere we’ve done a temporary patch job on it, maybe it will last until we can find some spare parts. I can only pray it’ll last otherwise we’re on foot again. 



Our prisoner is becoming a useful asset. She has informed me of a military stock house that was captured not too long ago. They have weapons, ammo, vehicles, parts, and food there. She told me that the garrison there is small really small maybe four or five guards. However, there is a fire support base close by. The plan is to take out the communications post first with the last RPG we have, then form a fire line with half of the team while the other goes around the side to flank the enemy position. We’ve been observing the garrisons movements to determine the best time and places to attack. Well commence the attack tomorrow.  



The attack was a total failure the RPG was a dud they called in reinforcements they arrived faster than expected over running our position with infantry and armor. They tore us apart; we’ve lost two more men. I wonder if we should just surrender.  


If you’ve enjoyed what you read please tell me. Feel free to leave comments or thoughts on this work. This is only the beginning of my book.  

-David H. Leap-


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